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Free Machine Embroidery FOR SALE

"Make a Wish"

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28cms x 35cms

Mounted and framed in oak - Ready to Hang!  


An experimental piece, involving painting fabric, cutting fabric, displacing fabric then free machine embroidery and more painting.  

Mount Sefton - New Zealand

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Mt Sefton NZ framed.jpg

Mount Sefton, New Zealand 

20cms x 20cms

Mounted with a bespoke pale grey wooden frame - ready to hang!  35cms x 35cms

Inspired by our "trip of a lifetime" to New Zealand in January 2020.  The foothills of the mountain adorned with colourful lupins.


Please do take a look at the archive page to see examples of my free machine work. If there is something there that particularly takes your fancy then do get in touch, and maybe I could make something especially for you.

Raising money for charity

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The proceeds of each piece sold go to